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Your Brain Is Like An Electrical City

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What is Bio-Cranial Therapy™?

Pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. A Bio Cranial practitioner can help you by going beyond the symptoms of neck, back, and arm pain, brain fog, headaches, even balance problems to the root cause.  

As the name implies, Bio Cranial Practitioners study the impact of the brain and body connection to your life. In fact, the health of the connection between the brain and body may well represent the quality of your life. The human brain is the core supercomputer which controls every aspect of our body. All sorts of information about our relationship to our environment, to each other, to ourselves is transmitted from the brain via nerve cells throughout our body. A cranial inbox which is full or has been corrupted by a “virus”, like the misalignment of bones caused by a head injury, results in poor communication from the brain to the body. It can negatively impact the quality of life being lived as every body system may consequently suffer.

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Bio-Cranial Chiropractors Realign Cranial Bones

Bio Cranial practitioners understand that the body is designed to heal itself but it must be able to communication effectively to maintain its healthy, pain-free living. Therefore, they strive to clear the nervous system of any stressors which may reduce function and the body’s ability to heal itself. Think of the brain as a city, bustling with life and activity, lit up with the dazzle of millions of lights. It exudes energy and functionality and is awesome to behold. Suddenly, the central power plant suffers catastrophic injury and it must limp on at 50% power. The city lights fade, casting a brown dull light where there was once brilliance. Activity is muted and life must continue on in a fog until the damage can be repaired and power restored. Such is your brain. An injury to it can cause the bones in your cranium to become misaligned. This increases pressure on your brain which can impede nerve function and cause systemic issues throughout your body.

Nerve Pressure Causing Neck Pain, Arm Pain, and Headaches

Pressure on nerves can cause a variety of issues, including neck pain, arm pain, headaches, and decreased nerve function. Misalignment in the bones of the skull can result in brain fog, balance problems, headaches, impaired organ function and more, so Bio Cranial chiropractors work to realign problem areas in order to restore function and allow the body to heal. Medications, creams, and other forms of treatment typically focus more on the symptom than the root problem.  By focusing on making the most out of the body’s natural ability to heal itself, as well as assisting in resolving the cause of pain rather than just the pain itself, this treatment seeks to resolve problems and help patients move forward with their lives rather than keep them as patients over the long-term.

The use of Bio Cranial management has become more common since it is often focuses more on healing than allopathic medical treatments which tend to use more medication intervention.  In fact, some studies suggest that this type of treatment could actually repair our DNA.  These reparations, in turn, help the body to deal with issues of deeper dysfunction.

How does this work?  If you’ve ever watched popular medical television shows, you know that doctors often have to look at different symptoms to understand the real problem.  Treating symptoms often provides temporary relief to one or more of the symptoms, while the root cause persists and sometimes even worsens even as it appears that the patient is improving.  In such cases, patients and doctors may be unaware of the underlying problem which continues to deteriorate unchecked.

Pain's Underlying Causes

Your Bio Cranial Therapy™ practitioner will take the time to find and resolve the underlying problems that are causing your discomfort.  For example, shoulder or arm pain may be caused by several different things.  You could simply be dehydrated.  You may have used muscles that you seldom use recently.  You may have chipped a bone or sprained a muscle or hit your head while changing the oil in your car. What? How could a bump on the head make your shoulder hurt?  Everything in the body is connected and runs through the brain. You could have a cranial misalignment which is putting a pressure-like stress on the nerve which transmits signals from the brain to the shoulder. In such a case, taking pills, getting a massage, or rubbing a cream on the shoulder could provide short-term relief, but the pain will ultimately recur since the cause of the shoulder pain, misaligned cranial bones from a bump on the head, remains in place.

Neck Pain and Back Pain Relief

Anything involving the brain is complicated and complex, as a Bio Cranial practitioner well knows after extensive training in the field. When you go to a Bio Cranial practitioner, you should receive a through consultation, review of symptoms, and examination. This prompts you to supply your practitioner with information that you may consider entirely unrelated to the purpose of your visit.  This will give her the opportunity to make the underlying diagnostic connections that those who have not been trained in this science could easily miss.  By working with as much information as possible, your practitioner will not only be in a position to help relieve your neck pain or back pain over the short-term but also to help resolve the underlying factors that caused the problem to arise. No detail should be considered trivial when it comes to your health, and rarely should medication be the first choice of treatment for pain.   

Contact a Bio-Cranial Chiropractor

If you are suffering from neck, shoulder, or back pain, get in touch with a Bio Cranial Practitioner today to receive the best treatment for the underlying causes of your symptoms.  You can be confident that you will get high quality, professional care that provides you with long-term solutions rather than a superficial treatment aimed only at reducing your immediate symptoms.

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