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Chronic Muscle And Joint Pain

I have been a patient of Dr. Linda for about two months now. About three months ago I was really sick - I was basically bed-ridden. I had chronic fatigue and chronic pain in my muscles and joints and I had really intense headaches and migraines. I wasn’t able to walk by myself and a lot of times I wasn’t able to eat without someone’s help. I went to the ER one evening because the pain was so bad. They did a bunch of testing and basically just told me I had musculoskeletal pain, which was very frustrating because I already knew that.

Then I went to Dr. Linda about two months ago and we started doing Bio Cranial therapy and enzyme therapy and I have seen great improvement. I don’t have headaches any more. I am able to walk by myself and get up and get ready in the morning and go to classes and I have a social life now, and I have great hope that it is going to continue to get better.

Thanks, Dr. Linda

- DeAnna G.

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