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Pain, Weakness And Fatigue

When I came to Dr. Dehnert I was completely worn down and just about ready to drop out of school because of my health problems. Pain, weakness, and fatigue had become my “normal” by the end of high school, but my health got worse in college, and I had become really miserable. It seemed that everything hurt, and for a while I could scarcely muster up the strength to walk through my house or hold up a book to study.

So, it was a great relief when Dr. Linda was able to provide insight into my health, and offer me answers and solutions that other doctors were unable to give me.

Since beginning treatment, I have seen incredible improvement in my overall health. Most of the pain is gone and I have regained significant energy & strength. A few months ago I was barely able to finish school through my sickness, but now I feel like a different person. And I have even gone back to work.

Thank you, Dr. Dehnert

- Carissa J.

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