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Panic Attacks And Anxiety

About 9 years ago I fell from the top of a ladder and had multiple injuries. I broke my right leg and arm and smashed my face on the floor. A plate and seven screws were used to repair the 4 inch crack in my femur, my arm was set in a cast, but the black eyes and bloody nose from the fall were never addressed. While in the hospital, I complained of headaches, dizziness and neck pain but still nothing was done to check for a head injury. Shortly after my six day stay in the hospital I started experiencing panic attacks, anxiety and abnormal fears. I talked to several medical professionals trying to get some insight to what was happening but no one was able to offer any help except to suggest taking prescription drugs to medicate the anxiety. For three years I lived in hell. I feared things I used to enjoy, like travel, amusement parks, storms, etc. I felt void of all the other emotions. I’m a single mom trying to raise a daughter and everyday was a struggle to get through.

I finally met a massage therapist who explained to me that when my head hit the floor the impact shifted the bones in my head causing them press on the brain in different ways, thus causing the panic attacks, anxiety and fears. She recommended I see a woman who practices cranial sacral therapy. Within three visits most of the fears, anxiety and panic attacks ceased. For the next 6 years I felt as though I had 75% of my life back but I still had residual symptoms from the head injury. I would have bouts of intense dizziness and pressure in my head that would take me off balance so much I had to hold on to something because I felt like I was going to fall over.

Since I have been under the care of Dr. Linda the bouts of dizziness, pressure, and pain has diminished greatly. The episodes are infrequent and rather mild in comparison. I have a renewed sense of energy in my life. My biggest regret (besides falling off a ladder) is not having Dr. Linda’s help nine years ago. She’s been a huge help in restoring my health and for that I am grateful!

- Laurie G.

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