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I have suffered from an eye condition called Scleritis for over 10 years now. Scleritis is an extremely painful inflammation of the white part of the eye that causes redness, and excruciating pain. If left untreated, it can cause blindness in the affected eye. The condition when it first came about was more of a nuisance than anything else, and was easily treated with steroidal eye drops. But over the past 5 years the flare ups would come more and more frequently, and with significantly more redness and pain. They eventually became so stubborn to get rid of, my ophthalmologist prescribed me Prednisone (a very powerful oral steroid) and also recommended that I see an immunologist. My immunologist determined that I was a medical mystery, as this condition is usually a symptom of Rheumatoid Arthritis, or Lupus Disease and I didn't have either one of those. She prescribed me Methotrexate which is an immune suppressant drug normally used to treat CANCER and other autoimmune diseases. This drug is an immune system suppressant, so if I ever got so much as a paper cut, it would take a long time to heal. Even with these drugs, I would still have flare ups. I can't even begin to explain the side effects of the prednisone and the toll it took on my life...I would have constant anxiety, I gained weight, and even broke my hand due to weakened bones. Finally, I decided that I would rather go blind in my right eye than continue taking these nasty drugs. A friend of mine recommended that I see a chiropractor here locally in CO, which I did. With regular adjustments, my flare ups became more infrequent, but would still happen sometimes. It wasn't until I met Dr. Linda and she was able to test me to determine the real cause of these flare ups, which was STRESS and a sugar intolerance. She recommended an enzyme protocol which I followed, and not only did it almost completely stop the flare ups, but helped to give me more energy too! There was one instance in the past couple of months that I did have a minor flare up, and Dr. Linda was able to eliminate it in ONE DAY with ENZYMES!! NO DRUGS!! Based on my past history, I know that it would have taken a month of steroids to eliminate it, but with enzymes, it was like a miracle. I am a true believer in this type of therapy and I recommend it to every person that I meet!! Thank you Dr. Linda :-)

- Alice D.

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